The Company’s long term vision is to make our valued clients feel at home, relaxed, safe and forward looking while they are in the Kingdom of Bhutan.


The Company also assures that once our clients are in the country, they will be looked after with utmost care, professional ethics.  Their  views, feedback or suggestions will be well taken and accommodated at all costs – be it critical or constructive whatsoever.


Our long term goal is to make our Company accredited with any other International Tour Operators or Inc... globally in terms of professionalism and service provider.  We would like to follow their footsteps for the excellence in  service sector and maintaining high reputation in the long term.


By the end of 2050, our company would have have at least 60,000 clients arriving in Kingdom.  We would be able to satisfy the clients with our best services rendered in a very cordial manner. Once the customers are HAPPY, our motto of the company’s is greatly achieved.

Our main aim is to keep our clients happy FEEL AT HOME in the Kingdom of Bhutan. We also believe in high professional and moral ethics guidance, based on the Tourism Code and Conduct chartered by the Kingdom’s Tourism Council Board of the Kingdom.  

We wish all our visitors – a pleasant stay and very warm welcome to Kingdom of Bhutan.

We, as tour operators will be abided by all rules and regulations set by International Tourism norms and standards.

Tashi Delek or Best Wishes!