I, Gordon Walker, Australian citizen was in Bhutan for 9 days trip in the month of September 2018 with the tour company - Bhutantravelogue - Tours and Treks.  My 9 days went on like a flash of a second.. since Nar and the guide were so fantastic, entertaining during my whole trip.  We laughed, talked about international politics, drove country side, visited Buddhist temples and museums etc.   The guide and Nar were so well versed with the history and culture of Bhutan, starting right from Guru Rimpoche - flying on tigress from Tibet to Bhutan - Takshang or Tiger's nest in 8th century to spread Buddhism in Himalayan Kingdom. Wow.. what a story and amusing cultural history and unique identity about Bhutan.

We, the English couple from UK visited Bhutan recently in Nar's company and were there for a week. Apart from experienced guidance and thorough knowledge of Bhutan.. Nar was a very good driver during our whole trip.  His guide was very entertaining as well.   We look forward to visiting Bhutan again...
Nick and Vicky......

I am not a fan of packaged tours but Bhutantravelogue -Tours and Treks Company is perfect. Nar is a well-informed guide and tour operator and a worldly man. His undergraduate degree is from Europe, he has traveled the world, and he is well-connected with notable professionals in Bhutan. You will not receive from Nar a memorised script from a tourist brochure. He is the perfect guide for academics and intellectuals. In addition, he is energetic, the life of the party, and can entertain a large group with lively humour.
Randolph Mccord, Bahrain (American expat working in Middle East)
We spent 14 days in the wonderful Kingdom of Bhutan.  We booked direct with Nar Rai (Bhutantravelogue Tours and Treks) via the internet and this could not have been easier.  Spending two weeks in the company of a guide (Nar) and his driver (Pema) could have been somewhat daunting but Nar proved to be a knowledgeable guide who made the visit not only very interesting but also great fun.  Having spent several years in higher education in Europe he is multilingual and well educated.  When we left we felt that we had learned so much about the amazing country that measures prosperity in terms of Gross National Happiness, but also made two new great friends. We are now looking forward to going back in the future and renewing this friendship.  Jeff and Lee (UK residents in Spain)
It was nice visiting your beautiful country through your travel company. Thank you so much, we love visiting again.

James, USA

We the English group of 16 from UK were in Bhutan in this tour company of Nar's - Bhutantravelogue -Tours and Treks lately.  We could say that we did enjoy every bit of Nar's guided tour and his great humour and entertaining times during our whole trip of 12 days. We look forward to visiting Bhutan again in future to see more spring flowers of rhododendrons next year. Julian, Peter and the team from London, UK.
I had a very good experience in traveling to Bhutan and booking directly with Bhutantravelogue - Tours and Treks, BTTT.  Thanks to the internet - It is easy now to book direct, wire the money, stay in touch with Nar, and I saved a lot, and there was no single supplement fee.  The Government of Bhutan keeps the funds until the tour is over so there is no worry…. I’m glad I gave it a try.
Bhutantravelogue - Tours and Treks is owned by Mr Nar Rai and I recommend any group or solo traveler to book with him.  Nar is very professional and Western educated.  Looking for Gross National Happiness…you will find it in Bhutan and using BTTT is a great way to do it. Mike, NE Bay, USA.
I am David Gray, Vet from Australia.  I was with Nar in his tour company for a week. I was so impressed to see Nar and his guidance in cultural and professional tour of Bhutan.  I could also see the Institutional establishments related to my profession like Veterinary hospital, RSPCA (Royal Society for Protection and Cruelty to animals), Veterinary Referral Laboratory, Regional Agriculture and Animal Research Development organisations etc.... in the Ministry of Agriculture in the country. David Gray - Australia, working for Vets beyond boarder.